Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  The game is played indoor or outdoors on a hard surface somewhat smaller than a tennis court.  The paddles are hard and so are the balls (similar to a wiffle ball).  The game is much less strenuous than tennis and is a favorite for active seniors, and young players alike. 

Our brands of pickleball paddles and supplies are top of the line and they are used by many professionals.  Onix is one of the most well known names in pickleball and their products are designed for beginning players right up to the pros.  Onix manufactures their wide range of paddles in wood, composite, and graphite.   Onix pickleballs are the preferred brand of most players.

The Selkirk brand has come up with a new technology for paddle construction.  The face is made of fiber-flex with a honeycomb core.  This new design is called "amped".  The paddles are a little thicker but no additional weight is added in the construction.  Players who have used the "amped" style paddles have said that their game has improved two fold because of the extra control and power they get with this new paddle.  They are a little costly by comparison to a graphite paddle but serious players claim the extra cost is well warranted.