Wild Monkeys "Falcon" Standard Shape Lightweight Pickleball Paddle

Wild Monkeys

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Falcon is a lightweight carbon fiber pickleball paddle designed for speed, power and accuracy -- much like the cottonmouth or water moccasin so well known and respected across the Southeast. Players can strike from anywhere on the court and transition seamlessly between fast hands at the net and power shots when the opportunity presents itself. The core is 13.5mm thick polypropylene honeycomb built for balance and built to last.

And like all Wild Monkeys paddles, Falcon comes with a PROLITE No Sweat Diamond Grip, designed for ultimate tackiness that channels sweat away from your grip. 

Wild Monkeys paddles are USAPA approved and guaranteed for life. For more information visit www.wildmonkeyspb.com/warranty.


Technical specs:

  • Model name: Falcon
  • Dimensions (face): 10.7in x 8.0in (271mm x 204mm)
  • Core depth: 0.5in (13.5mm)
  • Weight: 8.0 oz (midweight)
  • Grip length: 4.6in (116mm)
  • Face material: Carbon fiber
  • Core material: Polypropylene (honeycomb)