Selkirk Epic Amped Paddle - Midweight - Red


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Selkirk Epic Amped Pickleball Paddle - X5 Polypropylene Core with Fiberflex Face - Midweight - Ruby Red





Grip: Selkirk ComfortGrip
Weight: 8.1oz Avg
Width: 8”
Height: 15.75”
Handle Length: 5.25”
Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.25”



Amplified Performance

Larger Sweet Spot
The combination of the X5 core and FiberFlex face creates the largest sweet spot of any of our paddles.

Tonja Major, 2017 US Open Gold Medalist: “Even if the ball doesn’t hit on the center of paddle, the AMPED plays very similar all around the face. There definitely is a larger sweet spot.” 

Morgan Evans, TOC Champion: “The added thickness gives the paddle comfort and control while expanding the sweet spot towards the finely chiseled edge guard.”



Vibration Dampening
A very noticeable attribute of the Amped paddle is its vibration dampening. In addition to giving the paddle a very solid feel, vibration dampening may help some players with their tennis elbow.

 Ty McGuffin, 2016 National’s Medalist: “I mean the difference is just night and day. I can’t feel the vibration.”


Torque Suppression
When a ball hits off center, it tends to cause the paddle to torque or twist, which reduces accuracy. The X5 core reduces this giving the paddle additional control, a more solid feel, and increased ability to block hard drives. These same principles also make the AMPED paddle the ideal choice for playing in the wind.

Glen Peterson, 2016 US Open Champion: "With the AMPED paddle's thicker core, I get more stability and the ball comes off more consistently. When I hit a ball off center, it feels like the inertia of the paddle doesn't cause it to turn, which allows the ball to comeback more consistently."


Neutralizes Ball Differences
The AMPED paddle neutralizes the differences in different brand balls. It’s never been easier transitioning from an indoor ball to an outdoor ball, or a hard and soft ball. Also, you no longer need two paddles for different balls; all you need is the AMPED!

 Dee Davison, 2017 CDA Classic Medalist: “I’ve played with the Onix Indoor, Onix Pure 2 & Dura Fast 40. I believe this paddle neutralizes the Ball Controversy for players!  The paddle is solid anywhere I hit the ball, no matter what ball I use. It feels the same onto and off the paddle. Therefore, I can forget about the extreme property differences of the balls (too soft, too bouncy, too hard) and just concentrate on perfecting my stroke pattern and approach to the ball!” 

Tim Pontis, 2016 National's Medalist: "Coupled with the thicker core and the Fiberflex face, I have all the power I need and the control. Playing in Arizona, I have to contend with, extreme temperature swings, and wind. I was planning on taking three different paddles to the Nationals this year so that I would be prepared for anything. Thank you Selkirk, I now only need one."


The X5 Core and FiberFlex face are significantly quieter than our previous technologies and it sounds awesome!

Glen Peterson, 2016 US Open Champion: "When I'm looking for a Pickleball paddle, I'm looking for a paddle that looks good, feels good, and sounds good. I love the sound of the thicker core. It's a more dull sound, but it's also a more solid sound."


Face Cushioning
The X5 Core and FiberFlex face combine to create a unique improved ability for Amped paddles to cushion the ball to stay on the face longer. This allows the player to manipulate the ball more effectively.

 Morgan Evans, 2017 TOC Champion: “The ball really stays on the paddle for a long time. I can curl it as much as I need to.”


Impart More Spin
Because of the AMPED’s ability to cushion the ball, players can generate an unmatched amount of spin. This allows us to create the face that is not so rough you cannot diffuse an opponent’s spin.

 Morgan Evans, 2017 TOC Champion: “The kind of spin you can generate with the AMPED, really dips the ball down into the court.”


Well Balanced
The Amped Paddle carries on Selkirk’s signature “it feels lighter than it is” reputation, by utilizing our unique weight distribution EdgeSentry edgeguard technology.


 Tonja Major, 2017 US Open Gold Medalist: “With the weight, I can’t tell a big difference from my previous lighter paddle, and I actually like the heavier weight since it helps me get more power.”