Suddora Wristbands Pairs (2 per pack)


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Wrist Sweatband Pairs (2 Wristbands)


  • Sold as a Pair of Wrist Sweatbands (Includes 2 Wristbands)
  • Ultra Comfy and Durable 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex & 8% Nylon (3" x 3 1/2")
  • Great for sporting events and athletes!
  • Sports: Basketball, Tennis, Running, Football, and Pickleball 
  • Style: Plain/No Logo

Suddora Wrist sweatband pairs are great for sporting events. The wristbands work to prevent sweat from affecting your game. They also have a very stylish look to them and are comfortable to wear. The sweat wristbands are made of very high quality cotton, making them perfect for people in athletics, musicians, and more.